How We Engage Local Communities

English Teaching and Tutoring

We partner with local ministries and educational institutions to provide interns with opportunities to teach English. This could involve being a conversation partner at a nearby university, providing a weekly English class for refugee children, or serving at a tutoring center to help students as needed.

Cultural Orientation for Refugees

Interns may help local refugee resettlement agencies provide orientation to newly arrived refugee families. This could include meeting them at the airport, helping them navigate their new city, providing driving lessons, assisting with moves, and spending time getting to know them.

Cooking Together

Food has a way of transcending cultural and language barriers to bring different people together. Throughout Studio, you’ll have opportunities to connect with new Muslim friends by learning to cook a meal and eating it together.

Trauma Counseling for Refugees

Local refugee agencies can train interns to help provide basic trauma counseling for newly arrived refugees. Interns may participate in healing art workshops, organize games in the park for children, and more.

Discovery Bible Studies

Interns will lead Bible studies with new friends who are interested in discovering Jesus through the Word of God. Discovery Bible study training equips interns to facilitate these times of learning with gentleness, love, and respect (2 Tim. 2:15).

Language Study

All interns will spend about five hours a week applying Studio’s language learning training. You’ll find many different nationalities living within close reach and can easily begin connecting with new friends through their own language and culture.


Interns are encouraged to hang out where their Muslim neighbors hang out. Drinking tea, playing games, laughing, and telling stories together creates opportunities to build relationships, share Jesus, and pray blessing

Parties and Events

Interns join with local agencies and organizations to plan fun events for the neighborhood. Community events such as picnics, beach days, birthday celebrations, and so on show our friends that we desire to create and propel fruitful social interactions.