Studio is an efficient, affordable, and convenient springboard to the field.  Studio is designed to be paid for through your regular monthly field support so that Workers like you don’t have to raise additional funds to attend Studio.  We advise therefore that you come to Studio having raised your full support for living overseas.

Costs for 2021

$7,750 per adult for three months (includes  training, materials, room, and board) plus a $250 refundable cleaning deposit. Childcare and an extensive TCK preparation program are also provided at Studio. Fees for children 3 and under are $3,000 for the 3-month program if they share a room with their parents.  Please contact Studio at for fees for older children.

Items not included in this cost are personal items and expenses, travel to the training location, local transportation costs, laundry, etc. Interns are required to carry their own medical insurance.