Relevant Field Prep Curriculum

  • Moves beyond theory and focuses on the practical tools and skills needed to minister effectively overseas.
  • Learning extends daily into a Muslim community for opportunities to immediately apply new skills.
  • Incorporates the latest field research on fruitful practices for ministry among Muslims.
  • We address practical life preparation, including physical health on the field, cultural adaptation, and managing stateside support.


  • Those who have gone ahead in ministry among Muslims offer valuable coaching to interns.
  • Experienced field workers coach interns as they encounter cultural differences and consider the challenges of field life.

Spiritual Transformation

  • Our training builds competence, character, and communion with Christ.
  • Daily devotions, corporate prayer, and worship help foster a deeper passion for Christ.
  • Practicing obedience to the Word provides opportunities to gain experience, develop maturity, and grow spiritually.

Experienced Trainers

  • Over 250 years of combined experience engaging Muslims with the Gospel and making disciples.
  • Have helped prepare hundreds of workers to share Christ with Muslims overseas.
  • Each has served in leadership for churches in the U.S.


  • As a team of fellow like-minded men and women, we live, learn, pray, and minister in community.
  • We’ll discover how to serve each other well in order to glorify Jesus in our relationships and ministry.
  • Working toward common ministry goals offers a taste of real team life on the field.

Is Studio for Me?

Studio is for those who want to:

  • Go where there is no church and where no (or few) messengers of the Gospel have ever gone.
  • Learn from experienced field workers who have spent years serving in the Muslim world.
  • Study the tools and practices of effective ministry and apply learning immediately in a local Muslim community.