The Studio training team has more than 250 years of field experience. Many of them have spent decades living in the Muslim world and have helped established fellowships of Muslim-born followers of Jesus. This wealth of experience gives you unparalleled access to veteran field workers who know the realities, struggles, and joys of field life.


As a Studio intern, you’ll be mentored weekly by a member of the Studio training team. Mentoring provides you with opportunities to mature and grow as a disciple as you and your mentor discuss spiritual formation and character.


Twelve weeks of training can save you years of frustration overseas. You’ll be offered comprehensive, essential training to prepare you for fruitful ministry on the field. Topics include language and culture learning, ministering to Muslims, interpersonal skill development, peacemaking, Islamics, Bible storying, high-security training, and many others. You’ll also apply your learning through daily interactions with Muslims in the local community.


Interns live together and in community. Throughout the internship, you’ll discover what it’s like to serve as a ministry team. You’ll discover common values and develop shared goals while growing as a community that serves one another. You’ll also better understand yourself and have the opportunity to help others grow in their talents and gifts.


Studio isn’t just about information—it’s about personal transformation, too. One of the most important indicators of future success is a person’s humility and hunger to keep improving. That’s why we prioritize growing in Christlikeness through the practice of spiritual disciplines. We’ll help you plunge into fresh, meaningful encounters in the Word so you’ll discover a deepened reliance on and intimacy with God.


Just as a skilled craftsman is equipped to use the tools of his trade, we at Studio strive to equip you with the most relevant and essential tools you need to minister fruitfully and thrive long-term in the Muslim world. You’ll go beyond theory and learn to make use of practical tools for language learning, sharing the Gospel, Bible study, prayer, and more.